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Whispering Tree Ranch Open House Pictures

Reception Area with old windows from a Barn In Kansas

Reception Area with old windows from a Barn In Kansas

Complimentary Centerpiece Option

Complimentary Centerpiece Option

Complimentary Centerpiece

Complimentary Centerpiece

Reception Area

Reception Area

The Sign You Just Gotta Have

The Sign You Just Gotta Have



Chicken Coop Bar

Chicken Coop Bar

Vintage Sign Announcing Reception Area

Vintage Sign Announcing Reception Area

Ceremony Area

Ceremony Area

The day was beautiful and it was a pleasure to meet so many newly engaged couples. We had our great vendors to be a part of the day. We have some photos from photographer, Kylee Cosgrove for your viewing pleasure. Our fall dates are booking so quickly. If you are interested in an affordable casual outdoor venue, contact us immediately to set up a private tour. Then plan on attending our next Open House April 7, 2013 2-5PM. We look forward to meeting you and showing you our fun venue!!!! Call 480 415 3387 to set up a tour.
Package Price
Rustic Theme

50 Guests $2850.00
75 Guests $3362.50
100 Guests $3875.00
125Guests $4487.50

Venue Only Package Includes the following:
8 Hours
Vintage Tables (Up to 12). If guest count is higher than 100, we supplement with round tables and a linen
Cake Table
Gift Table
Guest Book Table
Vintage Decor
Vintage Eclectic Plates
Linen Napkin
Dance Floor
Canopy of Lights

50 Guests $1300.00
75 Guests $1500.00
100 Guests $1700.00
125 Guests $2000.00
****Call for Prices on largeer Guest Counts

Friday/Sunday Discount $300.00

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The Remodel of Whispering Tree Ranch

I made this for a photo shoot from my mother's chicken feathers.

I made this for a photo shoot from my mother’s chicken feathers.

Old Chicken Coop at the Ranch

Old Chicken Coop at the Ranch



Just a few photos of Whispering Tree Ranch as we continue to remodel it. We are finding out more historical information on the old farmhouse all the time. The original small home was built in the late 1930’s from a kit. The kitchen still has old pine cabinets in it with old hardware. They are pretty rough but I am going to keep them and paint them a green/blue color. I can’t stand taking them out. We were amazed to find out that the old wood in the living room is the original wood from when the house was originally built. In the bedrooms,  we were excited to see a different wall underneath the drywall. It is white beadboard!!!!  As each day goes along we find more and more vintage treasures. It is going to be so Rustic Vintage!!!!!

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My Vintage Tables

White Vintage Round Table

Rustic Cottage Blue Table
Rustic Mint Table Close Up

Some of the  tables are finished!!! As you can see it is a very eclectic look, every table is different with mixed colors and woods.  Some are rectangular and some are round.  This is the first time I have used this camera so please excuse the quality of the photos.  I wanted to get something up ASAP.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any fresh flowers left over from last weekend’s weddings so I had to use what I had around the house.  The place settings are incomplete as the flatware has not arrived yet.  I have more tables to come!!! This is my front yard-I tried to hide the cars, etc with lace curtains.  I can’t wait to get busy with  some more unique tables to show you!!!! I have more coming and hopefully my pictures will improve each time!!!!

Mint Rustic Table=Hot Color For Next Year

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Arizona Affordable Rustic Vintage Wedding Package

Ok You have the ring maybe you’ve picked the date???? Now  one of the most important aspects of a wedding-Picking the Venue.  In Phoenix, the styles and the prices are all over.  You need to give yourself a budget and try to stay in it!!!!  Personally, I love to find an affordable venue and then really beautify it with decor.  This way it can really be unique and personal for the bride.  I found this venue and I know what I would do to make a beautiful wedding-it is perfect for a DIY Wedding.  Now, I classify DIY as the bride who does three projects and a planner/coordinator does the rest.  So, I put together An All Inclusive Package—Exclusive to this Rustic Vintage Venue—

Package Includes:

Wedding Venue, Tables, Linens, Chairs, Rustic Wood Arch for Ceremony, DJ, Vintage or Rustic Place Settings, Catered Dinner (Served Buffet Style), Floral Package, & Non-Floral Centerpieces. ****Some2012 Dates Available****

50 Guests $3875 75 Guests $4425 100 Guests $5125 125 Guests $5875 150 Guests $6725.00


Dinner Menu:  It will make you hungry!!!!!!

Package Dinner Menu (Upgrades are available)

Dinner is served buffet style. China and flatware are eclectic style.  You have some options but since the meal is being served buffet style all guests will have the same item.  However, if you want more than one protein, please inquire about this service it is possible.

Salad     (Pick One)


Greek Salad Hearts of Romaine/Hot House Cucumbers/Olives/Tomatoes/Bell Peppers/Red Onions/Feta Cheese Lemon Oregano Vinaigrette

Traditional Creamy Cole Slaw

Country Potato Salad with Celery/Onion/Parsley

Ensalada Fresca Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce/Julienne or Red Onion/Black Beans with Creamy Tomato Cumin Vinaigrette topped with tri colored Tortilla Strips

Tossed Garden Salad with Cucumber/Tomato/Red Onion/Olive/Croutons/Ranch  Italian Dressing

Caesar Salad with Parmesan Cheese & Seasoned Croutons House Caesar Dressing

Starch (Pick One)

Cheddar Cheese Au Grautin Potatoes

Mom’s Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Country Gravy

White & Wild Rice with Dried Cranberries & Black Walnuts

Penne Pasta with Alfredo or Marinara Sauce

Herb & Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Vegetable (Pick One)

Steamed Green Beans Almandine

Sage Roasted Zucchini Spears

Candied Petite Carrots

Sweet Peas & Corn Sherry Shallot Butter

Protein (Pick One)

Pan Seared Breast of Chicken with Spinach & Mushroom Duxelle wrapped in Flaky Puff Pastry

Apricot Glazed Loin of Pork Loin Roasted with Sun Dried Fruit

Pan Crisp Chicken Pesto with Diced Tomatoes and Melted Provolone Cheese

Slow Smoked Beef Brisket with BBQ Essence & Creamed Horseradish Sauce

Seared Breast of Chicken with Fresh Mushrooms & Marsala Wine Sauce

Beef Tenderloin Tips in Stroganoff Sauce

Baked Pollock Fillets with Fresh Tomato White Wine, Lemon, & Thyme.

Prices are subject to change until a contract is written.  Please inquire about appetizers

Please Call Me To Inquire About Upcoming Open Houses  480 415 3387

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Vintage Urban Wedding Shoot-Venue-Trilogy at Power Ranch

This is a must for all you Vintage Chic brides who also need the convenience of the urban wedding!!!!  We arranged to have this styled shoot with Triology Golf Course in Gilbert.  If you haven’t toured this venue it is a must.  The property is gorgeous, the prices are veryaffordable, and Tiffanie, the wedding coordinator is absolutely fantastic!!! 

My Suggestions for A Vintage Wedding at a “Non-Vintage” Venue

1.  Choose your venue wisely 2.  Budget for Decor & Set Up  3.  Limit yourself to 3 DIY projects so you and your family may enjoy your wedding day. 4.  Ask your florist if they rent or loan vintage decor (I always let my brides borrow my items as long as they put flowers or some other design element that has been purchased through me).  5.  Ask your grandparents or great grandparents for any old items they still have from their pasts ie:  Boots, Typewriters, Books, Jars, Gardening Supplies, Love Letters, Pictures  The Boots in this picture were worn only once by my grandmother who if she were alive today would be 107.  The soles of the boots look brand new.  I never could wear those boots my calves were too big from years of jogging and I was skinny when I first attempted to wear them.  She told me not to despair; she had only worn them once on a “Hot Date” that went no where because her feet hurt so bad she couldn’t hold a conversation with the suitor.  She had such a terrible time that when the gentleman called to have a date with one of her sisters, she and the youngest sister unhitched the horse from it’s cart.  You can only imagine what happened-and it was due to  these boots.  This is only a photo shoot so we felt inclined to use them.  6.  Invest money in the place settings, linens, and the lighting.  7.  Try to limit your ideas from Pinterest you want to keep your wedding unique to you and your heritage.  8.  If your budget is limited, keep the money in one area to get the most for the dollar.  9.  Being Eclectic is Budget Conscious.  10.  Hire a very good photographer who has experience with creating an artistic look in the photos and isn’t too dependent on the venue-the photographer must be creative and Vintage Friendly.  11.  Don’t use items that are new but painted a vintage color; you want the natural rustic look. 12.  Becareful about putting a bunch of old furniture out on a lawn it can look contrived.  13.  I recommend throwing the urban look into the catering-if you need ideas I have lots after visiting my daughter in Silver Lake (LA).  14.  You can find all of the ideas online but my best advice is don’t let the venue dicatate your style.  You can still have your Vintage Wedding at a Non-Traditional Vintage Venue. However, there are lots of Vintage Venues in the Phoenix Metro Area. Phoenix is a young city so Vintage is not as old as other parts of the country. Frank Lloyd Wright buildings are Vintage as well as some of the old buildings in downtown Phoenix.  Paradise Valley has an extraordinary old venue with the classy ranch look. 

If you need help planning your wedding or if you have questions, please email me.  I will be happy to offer you any advice and offer suggestions.  The Vintage look is here to stay for a while and it truly is an appreciation to all our ancestors -to those we’ve lost and those we never met!!!!!

Burlap Runner,Rose Petals,Wheat,Old Boots, Mason Jars,Vintage Suitcase

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Arizona Wedding Venues-Tips on how to pick one!!!

Arizona has many many wedding venues!!!  You must choose the correct venue for your wedding celebration.  Below you will find some helpful tips.  Although, the overall wedding budget median for the United States is $25,500.00 without the honeymoon, we can help you spend a lot less and have a fabulous celebration.  Our brides are lucky to have so many options.


1.  This is a tough one because in the current wedding market most of the venues have packages.  Therefore, it is difficult to break it down. Start with Venue/Catering.  Ask if they allow outside caterers?  Do they charge a kitchen fee?

2.  Extra Service Charges.  Ask  the venue to provide you with an estimated budget for all costs including taxes, tips, and service fees.

3.  Does the venue offer any discounts such as cash, military, or online discounts?

4.  Make sure you know exactly what is included in the package you are purchasing. For example, ask how many hours are included and does that allow for vendor set up time or is that additional?   How about rehearsal time? Does the package include tables & chairs?


1.  Does the venue offer any decor with the price?  Do you like the decor offered?

2.  How much decorating does the venue need to go with your style?

3.  Look at the flooring?  Is it neutral?  Will it match the color scheme of your wedding?

4.  Ask to see the chairs that are included at both the ceremony site and  the reception.

5.  Ask to see the linens that are included-make sure they are floor length if being used inside.

6.  Ask to see the china and flatware.

7.  Ask to see the lighting in the room and make a trip to the venue in the evening to see how it looks.

8.  How high are the ceilings?  Will I need tall centerpieces?  Can I hang decor from the ceiling such as lanterns, fabric draping, etc.

Things to Think About

1.  Will I be facing the sun at the ceremony site.

2.  Parking- is there enough or will my guests need to find curb parking?

3.  Look at the bathrooms-this is important!!!!

4.  Stop and ask a question of a random staff member just to see how they react to you.

5.  Will there be more than one event at the venue on my wedding day?

6.  Are there unique photo opportunities on the property?


1.  Do not sign a contract until you have all your questions answered.  Make sure you look at the financial side before going for a venue tour.  Do not allow emotions to get the better of you.

2.  Print out any emails and answers to all questions you have asked before signing your contract.  Put these in a binder for reference in the future.

3.  Ask to see the contract before signing it.

4.  If the venue provides an on site representative, make sure you will be working with the same person from start to finish.

5.  You have asked a lot of questions and you have most likely received a lot of information-know what you are purchasing.  It is your responsiblity as a consumer to make sure you know what you have elected to purchase and what you might add down the road.

6.  Ask if prices are subject to change.  As prices continue to rise for our daily goods, be aware that prices for services may rise if not purchased in the contract.

7.  If at all possible, attend an Open House before signing a contract.

I believe Arizona has some of the most spectacular venues in the nation.  The Wedding & Event Venue Owners have worked hard and invested to showcase some beautiful properties.  Your Arizona Wedding can be any style from Vintage, Rustic, Glamorous, Elegant, Modern, Garden, Desert, Chic, Ranch, or Barn  Wedding you can find it here.  If you heed suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We like to share our knowledge, wisdom, and advice.

In the month of May, we will be featuring different venues for you to view.  We will also be featuring different Open Houses to Attend.

May your wedding planning days be filled with fun and excitement,

Weddingnista Weddings

PS Our Prices are very affordable!!!!!!!!

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Hot Hot Arizona Wedding Flower Ideas

Arizona Brides be careful when you pick your wedding flowers for weddings May-October!!!  Flowers and heat don’t like one another!!

Heat Resistant Flowers      Carnations/Orchids/Roses/Spray Roses/Daisy Mums/Cremons/Succulents/Protea/Baby’s Breath

Heat Sensitive Flowers      Hydrangea/Dahlias/Tulips/Anemoes/Peonies/Almost any flower finds it difficult to survive our temperatures.

Suggestions:  Add these design elements to reduce the number of flowers used and to get the correct color-Broaches/Lace/Wooden Flowers/Costume Jewelery/Feathers/Twigs

Use interesting greens to give an earthy and organic look-it should reduce the price because most greens are less expensive then flowers.

A Cluster or Collar of Baby’s Breath is a perfect solution for not only heat sensitive but also budget sensitive brides.

Happy Wedding Flower Days,

Weddingnista Weddings

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Wedding Website/Blog to Help New Brides

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Weddingnista Weddings!!!  We are here to offer advice, share information, and provide wedding services for your upcoming wonderful wedding celebration.  Arizona Brides are looking for help to create a dream wedding with a unique style which focuses on the personalities of both the  bride and groom.  You may use our blog for helpful information or you may hire us to help plan your big day.  We will officially launch on June 1, 2012 and will be featuring local wedding venues!!!  In the  meantime don’t hesitate to contact us with questions in regards to your big day.

We can’t wait to help,

Weddingnista Weddings

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