Unique Wedding Venue Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reality Check

How about your dream wedding at Santa Claus Land then you can head to Vegas for the honeymoon???

I have decided today that I am just trying to be too unique with the whole wedding venue hunt!!! I need to come back to the box of reality.  I just want to find that really unworldly place for my brides to have the most unusual wedding experience possible.  I was even thinking about dresses, flowers, decor, and invitations for these places.  I had to smack myself upside the head for a reality check- no roads, no bathrooms, no kitchens, it would really be a  Bohemian Wedding!!  I need to stop watching TV I want to compete with David Tutera for most unusual wedding venue!! I know I could win that one. Dreams are for everyone-right??? Game on Celebrities you have the money take a look at some of these unique wedding venues.  Call me to reserve your spot at “The Dome Venue” or a Winter Wedding on the way to Vegas at “Santa’s Dream Weddings” or a beautiful fall wedding at “Tip Top Ghost Town”. You could even buy the Ghost Town it’s up for sale!!! Then you wouldn’t have to worry about rooms for the night of the wedding.  Seriously call me if you need suggestions for unique affordable and real Wedding Venues in the Phoenix Metro area!!!!

Can I interest you in a “Space Dome Wedding”

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One thought on “Unique Wedding Venue Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Reality Check

  1. Melissa Sotelo says:

    This is a very unique wedding venue! Would have some great pictures!

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