Wedding Chair Nightmare on Venue Street

Ok you have signed your contract, you’re ready to start planning your wedding, your venue has included the chairs. Good one item you don’t have to budget. You lay your head upon your soft feather pillow and then the NIGHTMARE BEGINS—–The Venue has UGLY and I MEAN UGLY Chairs!!! You can cover them in chaircovers.  A great cure with plenty of options for color.  Now, if  your budget allows and you want something a little different:  How about those Mis Matched Vintage Chairs!!! Wow!!! Nightmare- expensive you’re looking at top dollar.  Do you have it to spend? The Brown Folding Chair is an option (Rental Fee $1.75) or you could go with the standard white or black chairs depending upon the colors in your venue.  Now you can add the burlap chair sash (Rental Fee $2.00) Great Look!!! My all time favorite is the Chivari Chair in natural, gold or silver.  All time classy look-be prepared to spend at least $5.00 rental fee per chair.  Call me maybe if you need to rent my brown chairs-I am in a good mood which means you will get a great price!!!!  At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what your chairs look like you are still hopefully married to your Dream Mate and your Nightmare is over!!!

But I have to admit I do love beautiful chairs!!!!

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