Vintage Chic Bridesmaids Dresses

Are you having trouble finding a bridesmaid dress that matches your vision?  Don’t give up and settle.  I have some ideas.  Today, when I took my trip to my neighborhood Ross I found a very Vintage Cocktail Dress.  I am talking a 1950’s Vintage.  Oops it was ivory.  Then I remembered my own wedding, my bridesmaids wore ivory cocktail length dresses (1980’s).  My goal was to be different and it worked.  It was very elegant and we went crazy with the flowers.  We used sweeping bouquets of pink antherium, roses, etc. it was absolutely stunning for the day.  Please think outside the box-try something different!!! If the color isn’t exactly what you had in mind, go with accessories that will blend to create your number one color.  Take a trip to Nordstrom’s or Anthropolge for the Bridesmaids Dresses.  You can also find some excellent deals at (fabric isn’t that great but it is a one time dress). If you have any questions or need help, drop me an e mail I will be happy to help!!!

Look at these lovely dresses.  I like the mix of dresses just be careful it isn’t too chaotic. You can see in the picture to the left the eye immediately goes to the more colorful dresses and misses the bride and the girls to the right.  If you mix, then always keep the girls’ flowers the same.  Also, when you go to pick out a dress, only take one friend with you.  It doesn’t even have to be a bridesmaid perhaps a work or business friend.

Happy Dress Shopping

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