Arizona Wedding Venues-Tips on how to pick one!!!

Arizona has many many wedding venues!!!  You must choose the correct venue for your wedding celebration.  Below you will find some helpful tips.  Although, the overall wedding budget median for the United States is $25,500.00 without the honeymoon, we can help you spend a lot less and have a fabulous celebration.  Our brides are lucky to have so many options.


1.  This is a tough one because in the current wedding market most of the venues have packages.  Therefore, it is difficult to break it down. Start with Venue/Catering.  Ask if they allow outside caterers?  Do they charge a kitchen fee?

2.  Extra Service Charges.  Ask  the venue to provide you with an estimated budget for all costs including taxes, tips, and service fees.

3.  Does the venue offer any discounts such as cash, military, or online discounts?

4.  Make sure you know exactly what is included in the package you are purchasing. For example, ask how many hours are included and does that allow for vendor set up time or is that additional?   How about rehearsal time? Does the package include tables & chairs?


1.  Does the venue offer any decor with the price?  Do you like the decor offered?

2.  How much decorating does the venue need to go with your style?

3.  Look at the flooring?  Is it neutral?  Will it match the color scheme of your wedding?

4.  Ask to see the chairs that are included at both the ceremony site and  the reception.

5.  Ask to see the linens that are included-make sure they are floor length if being used inside.

6.  Ask to see the china and flatware.

7.  Ask to see the lighting in the room and make a trip to the venue in the evening to see how it looks.

8.  How high are the ceilings?  Will I need tall centerpieces?  Can I hang decor from the ceiling such as lanterns, fabric draping, etc.

Things to Think About

1.  Will I be facing the sun at the ceremony site.

2.  Parking- is there enough or will my guests need to find curb parking?

3.  Look at the bathrooms-this is important!!!!

4.  Stop and ask a question of a random staff member just to see how they react to you.

5.  Will there be more than one event at the venue on my wedding day?

6.  Are there unique photo opportunities on the property?


1.  Do not sign a contract until you have all your questions answered.  Make sure you look at the financial side before going for a venue tour.  Do not allow emotions to get the better of you.

2.  Print out any emails and answers to all questions you have asked before signing your contract.  Put these in a binder for reference in the future.

3.  Ask to see the contract before signing it.

4.  If the venue provides an on site representative, make sure you will be working with the same person from start to finish.

5.  You have asked a lot of questions and you have most likely received a lot of information-know what you are purchasing.  It is your responsiblity as a consumer to make sure you know what you have elected to purchase and what you might add down the road.

6.  Ask if prices are subject to change.  As prices continue to rise for our daily goods, be aware that prices for services may rise if not purchased in the contract.

7.  If at all possible, attend an Open House before signing a contract.

I believe Arizona has some of the most spectacular venues in the nation.  The Wedding & Event Venue Owners have worked hard and invested to showcase some beautiful properties.  Your Arizona Wedding can be any style from Vintage, Rustic, Glamorous, Elegant, Modern, Garden, Desert, Chic, Ranch, or Barn  Wedding you can find it here.  If you heed suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We like to share our knowledge, wisdom, and advice.

In the month of May, we will be featuring different venues for you to view.  We will also be featuring different Open Houses to Attend.

May your wedding planning days be filled with fun and excitement,

Weddingnista Weddings

PS Our Prices are very affordable!!!!!!!!

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