Hot Hot Arizona Wedding Flower Ideas

Arizona Brides be careful when you pick your wedding flowers for weddings May-October!!!  Flowers and heat don’t like one another!!

Heat Resistant Flowers      Carnations/Orchids/Roses/Spray Roses/Daisy Mums/Cremons/Succulents/Protea/Baby’s Breath

Heat Sensitive Flowers      Hydrangea/Dahlias/Tulips/Anemoes/Peonies/Almost any flower finds it difficult to survive our temperatures.

Suggestions:  Add these design elements to reduce the number of flowers used and to get the correct color-Broaches/Lace/Wooden Flowers/Costume Jewelery/Feathers/Twigs

Use interesting greens to give an earthy and organic look-it should reduce the price because most greens are less expensive then flowers.

A Cluster or Collar of Baby’s Breath is a perfect solution for not only heat sensitive but also budget sensitive brides.

Happy Wedding Flower Days,

Weddingnista Weddings

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